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Regulations for using the Website

§1 Introduction

1.The Website presented to you is a social networking site and a means of distance communication. It allows guests and registered
Users to present and view advertisements, but it is not a party or an intermediary. The content of published advertisements is for information purposes only and cannot be treated as a commercial offer. The website is intended only for adults. It was created for people who want to make closer friends, look for company, people with whom they could spend time together in a way they agree to. The website is free of charge, which means that
browsing the content of the Website and adding your own content is free of charge.
By using the Website, Users accept the provisions of these Regulations and declare that:
1.1. They have reached the age of majority, i.e. they are at least 18 years old or have obtained the age of majority in accordance with the provisions applicable to their country of residence;
1.2. They undertake not to make the content of the Website available to minors;
1.3. They confirm that by using this Website they do not violate the provisions of law in force in their country of residence;
1.4. They understand the provisions of these Regulations and confirm that by using the Website they are solely responsible for their actions;
1.5. They release the Website, its Administrator, its Moderators, the Editorial Office and third parties from any liability that may arise from the use of this Website;
1.6. They are aware that all content published on the Website is subject to the provisions of the Act of February 4, 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights and declare that they will not infringe the copyrights of other people (in particular, they will not download, copy, save, cut or paste, sell, license, rent, lease, modify, distribute, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit or create derivative works from any material or content on or from the Website without prior notice consent of the actual owner(s) of these contents or materials).

§ 2 Definitions

Administrator – website, e – mail: [email protected] ;
Website – Website located at:;
User – a person over 18 years of age and any other Entities that are granted legal personality under special provisions – that use the services provided by the Website;

Account – a set of resources on the Website personalized for a specific User, marked with a unique login.

§3 Reservations

1. The Website strictly prohibits offering paid sexual services or suggesting payment for services, offering sponsorship, material benefits in exchange for sexual services, providing prices or rates in advertisements.
2. Graphic or text material posted by the User in the content of the advertisement cannot include content indicating the crime of pornography, pimping, peddling or using the Website to support illegal activities.
3. It is prohibited to insert erotic photos with animals and texts about animals in advertisements. and sex.
4.The Administrator is not responsible for the content of advertisements published on the Website, for their authenticity and timeliness.
5.The User has unlimited liability for the content of materials introduced to the Website and the consequences of their introduction towards third parties.< br>6. The Website is not responsible for the content of private messages and messages exchanged in the chat available on the Website between Website Users.
7. It is prohibited to copy any part or content of the Website without the written consent of the Administrator.
8. It is prohibited to distribute content that is illegal, offensive or otherwise violating the principles of social coexistence via the Website in any form.
9. Users are prohibited from providing information that is intentionally misleading.
10. It is prohibited to advertise products, services or companies without the prior consent of the Administrator.
11. Any other action to the detriment of the Website or its Users is prohibited.

§ 4 Users

1. Each User may register on the Website in order to create an individualized Account.
2. registration on the Website, the User consents to the processing and use of the provided data by the Administrator.
3. During the User’s registration on the Website, Users’ personal data subject to legal protection are not made available or distributed to third parties and are not made available outside the European Union – except for a situation in which the transfer of data will be necessary for the implementation of the contract concluded between the Website and the User, this applies to:
– persons authorized by the Website – including employees and collaborators who, due to the scope of their competences, use personal data provided to the Website by Users,

– hosting company,
– company handling mailings,
– a company handling SMS messages,
– companies with which the Website cooperates in the field of own marketing,
– couriers,
– insurers,
– law firms and entities dealing with debt collection,
– banks,
– payment operators,
– public administration bodies and law enforcement agencies – only on the basis of a formal request to provide this data, based on applicable legal provisions.
3. By registering on the Website, the User consents to the processing and use of the provided data by the Administrator.
4.Registered Users have access to some resources and functionalities of the Website unavailable to unregistered Users, such as adding advertisements.
5.The scope of access to the Website may be changed at any time by Administrator.
6. The account of a registered User who violates the Regulations or the Account used for logging in in order to bypass the security of the Website may be deleted without notice.
7. By adding an advertisement, the User declares that:
– the information contained in its content is true,
– contact details and photos concern only the author of the advertisement,
– the content and data contained in the advertisement do not violate the rights of persons in any way third parties. 

§ 5 Limitation of the Administrator’s liability

1. Due to the lack of legal tools for comprehensive verification of personal data provided by Users, the Website is not responsible for the accuracy and content of advertisements published by Users, the content of comments, the content of private messages exchanged between Users and the content of messages exchanged between Users in the chat room available on the Website.
2. The website is not responsible for limitations in operation, temporary or permanent suspension of the website operation resulting from technical problems.

§ 6 Competences of the Administrator

1. The Administrator reserves the right to:
a) refuse to publish advertisements and any other content published by Users if there is a suspicion that they are inconsistent with the Regulations, applicable law or principles of social coexistence,

b) discontinue providing services, adding new ones or changing their nature or functionality,
c) introducing additional requirements to meet the conditions for using a specific part of the Website’s resources,
d) blocking or deleting User Accounts who do not comply with the provisions of the Website Regulations,

– the above-mentioned violations entitle the Administrator to delete photos, Accounts, comments, messages and any publications on the Website.
2. In the event of failure to comply with the Website Regulations, the Administrator may:
a) correct the content of the advertisement so that it is consistent with the Regulations,
b) refuse to publish the advertisement,
c) remove the advertisement violating the Regulations,
d) block the account and the user’s IP number in the event of repeated violations of the Regulations.

3. The Administrator makes every effort to ensure that the data of registered Users are properly secured.
4. The Administrator is not responsible for the loss of data of registered Users caused by technical failure or theft.

§ 7 Adding and publishing advertisements

1. The website allows only adults to add advertisements for a specified period of time.
2. The ads are displayed randomly so that everyone who views them sees them in a different order.
3. You must add a photo to the ad. Advertisements without photos will not be accepted.
4. In women’s advertisements, photos are processed and their faces are covered.
5. In men’s ads, photos appear without any processing or face covering.
6. At the explicit request of the adder, his/her advertisement may be removed from the Website by the Administrator before the expiry date.
7. The person posting the advertisement agrees to:
– dissemination of its content, photos and contact details by publication on the website and sister portals;
– placing the address or logo of the Website on the published photos in the advertisement;
– correction of the content or removal of parts of the advertisement by the Administrator or Moderator in order to correct or remove errors related to the rules of spelling and publication of content on the Internet and the Roksati Website;
– correction of the content or removal of parts of the advertisement by the Administrator or moderator in the event of a violation of the Regulations of the Website .

8. After the expiration date, the advertisement is automatically transferred to the archive. An advertisement in the archive is not visible on the website